Mowing services are generally a weekly service, however some lawns just do not grow fast enough, so they become a bi-weekly service.  If we show up for a weekly service and the lawn does not need to be mowed we will add it to the bi-weekly schedule and contact the home owner to see how they would like to proceed. 

The equipment being used will vary with each lawn, depending on the lawn needs.  Some yards we'll use our commercial mowers, others we'll use a smaller push or walk behind mower.  We'll never try to take short cuts to make our job easier or quicker, we do what is best for the customer and their lawn.  After the lawn has been mowed, we'll trim where needed and blow grass off of driveways, sidewalks and patios.  If we see any areas that need any attention we'll bring the issue to the home owner ASAP.

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